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Industrial HMI

Keep track of your plant with our industrial HMI solution, which is based on state of the art web based HTML5 technology. In the plant overview dialog the plant overall status is visualized directly. By navigating trough the plant map or via navigation bar the control staff is able to view details of one sub control unit and to get further information of a single component.

Plant Overview

Plant overview visualization in control center

The plant overview displays the overall plant status in a technical graphic view. The availability of components and information of subsystems (see on the left side in the figure) defines the level of detail of the current visualization. Upcoming malfunctions are displayed immediately to ensure an immediate reaction of the operator staff. With the navigation tree on the left side in the dialog the operator is able to navigate between different floor levels from subsystems down to each single component. Status messages are displayed in the tooltip filtered on the selected component.

The visualization style follows the dark cockpit principle,
which means warnings and errors are highlighted by different colors while the failure-free operation is not additionally highlighted.

Alarm History

Alarm history in messages view

The figure above shows messages (errors, warnings and additional information) in a list view. The message can be filtered by attributes. By clicking on the help button additional information, diagrams and figures can be faded-in to provide more detailed and customer specific information for further analysis of malfunctions.

PLC Maintenance UI

The PLC Maintenance UI supports during commissioning and meanwhile service and maintenance actions with a graphical and technical illustration of single components. The case below shows a switch-in group on the conveyor track.

Technology Stack

The industrial HMI is based on the Angular framework, which provids a state of the art HTML5 website as user interface. The UI is capable for multi user and multi client usage. The backend web server is updated with plant status information provided either by an HTTP interface or via MQTT messaging system.