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Ferag Intralogistics Control System

The Ferag Intralogistics Control System, which controls the Skyfall system of Ferag, covers the manufacturing execution systems, the control systems and the field communication layer of the automation pyramid. The system is based on a modular design concept, in which the machine control (PLC) controls single system components (e. g. conveyor tracks, switches, stations) autonomously. The material flow controller (MFC) coordinates the loading units of the full plant from the automatic or manual loading stations via sorter systems (matrix sorter or dynamic circulation buffer) and storage tracks to the automatic or manual unloading stations.

Skyfall pouch sorter in context of the automation pyramid


The interaction with the Ferag Intralogistics Control System is established via application specific interfaces like OrdersAPI, StationsAPI, PlantAPI and ShuttlesAPI. The solution is based on modern HTTPS– and AMQP/MQTT interfaces and messaging systems. For highlevel systems reporting and logging interfaces are provided either. The interfaces are designed according to OpenAPI or AsyncAPI standard, which allows a rapid and easy integration of the MFC in overlaying management systems like Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

Software Integration

Already in front of commissioning our development team provides an application and customer specific emulation in a virtual environment (digital twin), which will contain PLC mocks reflecting the real behavior of the machine control. This setup allows the integration in overlaying systems in an early stage of the project and ensures a smooth ramp-up and production start.

Software integration: From concept phase to ramp-up of an intralogistics plant

Ferag Skyfall Pouch Sorter Animation

The animation shows the different process steps in a Skyfall pouch sorter system:

  • Induction (loading stations)
  • Dynamic batch buffer
  • Batch buffer
  • Matrix sorter
  • Packaging (unloading stations)